Smoked Pulled Chicken


28 oz. A must try. Use our smoked pulled chicken to make mouth watering chicken salad, BBQ chicken sandwiches or tacos. It is the secret ingredient in our chicken pot pie. Try it today.

Savor the smoky goodness of our Smoked Pulled Chicken. Crafted with care and smoked to mouthwatering, juicy tenderness, each bite of our pulled chicken is a celebration of bold flavors and BBQ excellence.

Immerse yourself in the rich, aromatic smokiness that permeates every morsel of our tender pulled chicken, delivering a taste sensation that is second to none. Piled high on a bun, stuffed into tacos, or enjoyed in a chicken salad, our Smoked Pulled Chicken promises to be a favorite.

Made from premium cuts of chicken and slow-smoked to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and juiciness, our pulled chicken is a versatile addition to any BBQ spread. Whether you’re hosting a backyard cookout, tailgating with friends, or craving a satisfying meal at home, our smoked pulled chicken is sure to impress.

Weight 28 oz
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