Hot Italian Sausage


16 oz. Our famous pork Italian sausage with an added kick of heat. Use our hot Italian sausage to bring any dish to the next level. Makes a killer spicy Italian soup.

Hot Italian Sausage – a fiery and flavorful culinary delight that brings the bold taste of Italy straight to your kitchen. Crafted with premium cuts of pork and a perfect blend of spicy peppers and aromatic spices, our Hot Italian Sausage is sure to ignite your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Made with care and expertise, our sausage starts with the finest quality pork, we then blend in a combination of spicy red peppers, garlic, paprika, and other traditional Italian seasonings to create a sausage that’s bursting with robust and vibrant flavors.

Whether grilled to perfection, pan-seared, or simmered in your favorite sauce, our Hot Italian Sausage adds a fiery kick to any dish. Serve it up on a crusty Italian roll with sautéed peppers and onions for a classic sandwich, toss it with pasta for a spicy and satisfying meal, or slice it onto homemade pizzas for a gourmet twist on a classic favorite.

Versatile and delicious, our Hot Italian Sausage is the perfect way to add a touch of heat and flavor to your favorite recipes. Try it today and experience the fiery taste of Italy in every bite!

Weight 16 oz
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